Warehousing in Los Angeles

I spent a fair amount of my time in the U.S. on working in warehousing, in Los Angeles. How that happened is pretty interesting. Do you want to hear the story? Good, because I’m telling you anyways.

So, I was living in NY for the first 3 years. I loved everything about it apart from the costs. Jesus Christ, it’s expensive to live there. Especially of course if you want to live in Manhattan. Anyways. I was working close to Central Park, at an office, for about a year before moving to work in warehousing in Los Angeles. I always went to the park after work and just like any other day, I bought a coffee and I sat down to watch people and dogs. Mostly dogs to be honest. A golden retriever walks by and it’s one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. I don’t even notice the owner until she says hi to me.

I look up and see Stacy, a girl that I used to live with when I moved to the U.S. She sits down and tells me that she lives in Los Angeles and works in Warehousing. I didn’t even know what that meant. She explained briefly what warehousing was and gave me some info on Los Angeles. A city that I had never been in but that I’ve wanted to go to forever. She says that it’s great. Both Los Angeles and working in warehousing. She said that she moved because of her boyfriend and that they just bought a place over there. Apparently, it also pays pretty well to work in warehousing in Los Angeles.

Stacy tells me that they have job opening at the moment. She says that she could help me find a place in Los Angeles if I come there and start working in warehousing. I was shocked, to be honest. This was not happening. It just couldn’t. I said I had to think about it, and so I did for a brief second when we said goodbye to each other. After about 1,5 minute, I turned around and went back to her. Warehousing Los Angeles was too tempting to say no to, and I haven’t turned around again since.

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